How to communicate with an animal

-How humans communicate with animals
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– Animals love humans
– Communication between human and animal ..

How humans communicate with animals
Scientific studies have confirmed that there is a large class of intelligent animals, where they have a great ability to understand what human beings as phonetic beings want to achieve human contact with the animal through talking and listening through it, and the information indicates that these animals, especially pets, domesticate these sounds, where She prefers to use her voice to communicate with humans more than at any other time, and she tends to change her vocal tone when speaking and expressing human beings to her requirements.
Therefore, domestic animals often have the ability to accommodate what their breeders want; and vice versa. It is worth mentioning that a group of humans has emerged speaking a language similar to the language of animals; they are called the whispers to release sounds closer to the whisper absorbed by animals, especially horses.

Man communicates with the animal :
Human contact with the animal can be achieved in many ways, but a deep understanding between the two parties is the result of human breeding and training of animals. When you have a cat or dog at home, it will be very easy to understand what the animal wants, the breeder will recognize that he wants food or alert to something. As for the animal, he understands on his or her breeders and coach what he wants and becomes a deep communication language between them is not understood by others, and because pets are characterized by loyalty and devotion, it is possible to alert humans to the presence of danger in the region.
Not only domestic pets, horses can be understood, and the breeders do their best to tame and train to the point of creating a human liaison with the animal with ease, so it is not necessary to have a specific language that humans and modern animals understand or share; Rather, they are willing to understand each other’s language to meet their demands, often stemming from the love of animals and the strong relationship between them.

Human-animal relationship :
The relationship between humans and animals is one of the old relations since the dawn of history, especially dogs and cats. Ancient Pharaonic civilizations are a sacred place for cats; not only are civilizations, but the lesser religion has come with provisions that require humane companionship and animal treatment with all compassion, it may be a reason for entering Paradise.

Animals love humans :
Many factors and causes played an active role in creating an animal love relationship to humans, the most important of which are:
Instinctively attracted:
Where God – the Almighty – created the instinct of the two objects inclined to each other, it is noticeable that man from his childhood happy to communicate with animals, such as children when fondling cats.

Social Culture:
The love of animals may arise on the margins of the social culture prevailing in society, as Western societies acquire a lot of pets in their homes, while Arab societies are more frequent breeding of cattle, horses, and dogs, so each of these animals loves humans in a special way.
Communication between human and animal ..
The communication between humans and animals is real and not out of fiction. Information suggests that humans use specific words or terms and direct them to the animal to carry out the desired order. It is possible at first that the animal has no background on the matter to be executed, but with time he becomes able to know what That man deservedly desires him.

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