Does your cat sleep much? So read the topic to find out why

Cats sleep on average 15 hours a day, as some Shirazi cat breeds may sleep 20 hours a day and certainly have noticed the sleep of cats a lot in the daytime, which may make you wonder about the reasons for the frequent sleep of small cats and large alike?

Cats love to sleep!
The first thing you should know when breeding a new cat is that you will notice its activity from sunset to dawn. Cats start their day after sunset, because of their innate instinct, which they inherited from their ancestors, who lived in the wild and were hunting after sunset until dawn.
At sunrise, cats begin to relax and sleep during daylight hours.
So some people are shocked when they acquire a new cat and are surprised that they have gone to sleep immediately, and began to activity and movement and explore the house in the evening after everyone sleep .. These are cats and their lives simply.
One of the reasons cats sleep a lot is saving energy
As we told you, cats are hunting animals. Of course, domestic cats are different from wild cats, but our domestic cat still has some genetic traits from their ancestors.
So you may notice that your cat suddenly started running from the first house to the next in an extraordinary speed and strength that may make you scared, but in fact, this is one of the activities of cats to keep fit and hunting.
So, too, cats sleep most of the day to provide their energy to run and play all night. While you are asleep and the house is soaked in darkness, your cat runs around the house chasing invisible insects and jumping over prey that fancy its existence.
If you monitor your cat you will notice that it is jumping and running behind the imaginary prey in its imagination, as you may take anything in the house as a prey to catch such as curtains and dangling bedspreads or even you will run and jump on your feet suddenly .. Surely encountered one of these situations before?
Therefore, one of the reasons for the frequent sleep of cats is a very large effort during waking up, which makes them need to rest fully for long periods.

Deep sleep and mild sleepiness in cats
One of the strangest facts about cats sleep is that they do not sleep deeply for long periods of time, especially in young and young cats where cats have a unique sleep system.
Cats divide their hours of sleep between light sleep (simple nap) and very deep sleep, where cats sleep for half an hour light sleep and then take a full sleep for five to ten minutes, then return to light sleep again.
During light sleep, the cat’s body is placed in a direction that allows it to move and act immediately in the event of anything interrupting its sleep.
While in deep sleep, cats sleep in strange positions, they may sleep on their back with their hands raised in the air or peeing around themselves and sleeping deeply and continuously.
So you may notice that cats move their ears during sleep when they hear any sound because they really did not enter the stage of a deep sleep, which does not last long.

Whenever cats feel comfortable in your home, you will notice an increase in the number of hours of a deep sleep, so when you notice that your cat sleeps a lot and deeply, this signifies her love for life with you.
Why cats sleep so much in winter
Cats are affected by temperature and climate change and this is normal in all animals and not cats in particular.
Cats may differ among themselves in their behaviors depending on their species and purity, but when it comes to sleeping a lot in winter, all cats share this trait.
So when the temperature starts to drop you will notice that your cat is looking for any warm place and sleeps for hours without boredom and wake up only to eat and use the litter box and return to sleep again.

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