Do you want to breed cats? Learn about the benefits of cats and how to deal with them!!!

Are you going to raise a new cat? You will surely be a good friend especially after a difficult day, and for the experienced pet owners literally feel love, warmth, and joy.
In fact, for nearly 25 years, research has shown that living with pets, such as cats or dogs, are gaining many health benefits, both of which help lower blood pressure and reduce anxiety.
Though you are a new cat owner you won’t expect how she is can help you increase your health, however, health professionals and researchers find that owning cats can actually benefit your health.
Here are some of the benefits that cats provide to their owners:

  1. Companionship:
    The most common reason for pet breeding is companionship, the stereotype that dogs are more tenderness than cats, and in fact, it turns out that cats can be a good company as dogs, especially for women, and many studies have found that having a cat at home is emotionally equivalent Having a romantic partner, after thousands of years of raising cats, cats have learned how to make some sounds like purring and howling, and this sounds remarkably like the crying of a human child.
  2. Exercise movement:
    Cats may not need a lot of exercises, compared to dogs and rabbits, but they also like to play with others. You can throw toys around the living room to get a little movement of the cat.
  3. Emotional reincarnation:
    This may be more noticed with dogs, but it seems that children growing up with cats have good means of communicating with others in terms of feelings and thoughts, and this, of course, will greatly affect their behavior with the people around them.
  1. Purring:
    Petting cats is a practical way to help you overcome many problems. Purring a cat in your lap is, of course, a great way to reduce stress and blood pressure. Purring a cat helps bones and muscles recover from any injury.
  2. Medical benefits:
    Your visit to the hospital will actually be less than when you have a cat. There are some benefits that some researchers have found. Having a cat in your home may also reduce your risk of heart disease more than following a low-salt diet. Many research has shown that cats cause:
  • Lower risk of cardiovascular disease, you will be less likely to die from cardiovascular disease.
  • Reduce your risk of a heart attack. You can actually reduce the chances that you will end up with a heart attack when you have a cat. This is not just about your cardiovascular system, it also reduces the chance that you will suddenly die of a heart attack.
    Having a cat may improve your immune function. Cats’ feelings can help you give your immune system a boost, and often notice this when you’re sick.
    If you intend to have a baby, a cat with you at home can help prevent allergies in children. There are some studies that say, newborns who live with animals, especially cats and dogs, are more likely to avoid allergic reactions. They gain immunity at an early age.
  • Help prevent asthma in children, in addition to helping prevent allergies in children, there is some evidence that living with a cat can also help children in preventing asthma in children, early contact with cats can help children avoid a number of respiratory problems.
  • Cat also helps you reduce your triglycerides, by exercising and eating fewer carbohydrates, some studies suggest that if you are raising a cat, you can reduce your triglycerides and promote your health as well.
  • The risk of stroke is scary, if you are concerned about the presence of a stroke, you should consider raising a cat, the presence of a cat may reduce the risk of stroke.
  • As the cat improves your mood, in many cases, interaction with pets can help you improve your mood and this includes cats of course, owning a cat can help you feel better in general, and enhance your mood.
    All this means that you should think about your social status, whether or not a cat is allowed to breed, your income level, you should focus on the place and consider it, and of course you won’t adopt a cat just because you know that keeping a pet is good for your health, the point is a big responsibility, and these benefits are just more reasons for you to love animals

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