Important information to keep your cat healthy

The best way to get rid of worms is to prevent worms. The symptoms of worms are loss of appetite, lethargy, frustration, and pus in your vagina. Animated. You should be very careful of these questions and to avoid cats worming Clean the litter boxes continuously that may play the cat and leave sometime in the sun until it is well disinfected and kill any growth of parasites. Always clean the cat’s eating dish as well as the plate to eliminate its need or the location of its sand and try to keep cats away from mixing with other infectious animals that can transmit the disease. You can use special medications to prevent worms every 3 months.

Very important information

Speech is directed at the neutral group, which claims that it does not sterilize “protects the right of its cats to breed” while not allowing them to mate
You prevent her from reproducing in both cases. Has she taken the safest and most effective way?
Cats that are prevented from mating without sterilization are susceptible to pus (pyometra), life-threatening disease and the only treatment for complete hysterectomy during a very expensive and dangerous process rather than simply ovariectomy during routine sterilization.
Of course, the other category that allows them to mate until the number of cats overflows and thrown in the street already irresponsible

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