How to train cats to use the toilet

Cats can be trained to use the toilet instead of the waste bin, but this will take you a lot of patience and time. It may take time (from weeks to several months), preferably an extra toilet for cats only away from the rest of the family.
It is known that cats are creatures that interact strongly with the changes around them. This is good news. In the beginning, the waste bin must be moved to the bathroom, cleaned thoroughly, and left to the side of the toilet for at least two weeks. Age, some cats are particularly stubborn, you may need to close the bathroom inside the cat with some food and water for a night.

Over time it will be easy to teach the cat to use the human toilet, but this training will come with a good number of benefits and benefits such as:

  • One of the first advantages of cat training on the toilet is that it provides the cat owner with the purchase of sand for cat litter, which of course saves a lot.
  • No more cleaning the cat litter boxes. This is, of course, a very big advantage. All you have to do is pour more water on the toilet, no more for the nasty smells of the box.
    The question remains how long it will take to train the cat to use the toilet, and the answer depends on the cat. Yes, the whole process can take from eight to nine weeks or more. Some cats take about 10 years to learn to use the toilet.
    The process of toilet training consists mainly of a very simple procedure, which is moving the cat’s waste box gradually as mentioned before, it should be near the toilet itself, and remove it from the toilet completely when you feel the cat is more relaxed, the whole process is gradual, Small and continue the next steps, but do not despair. You may wait between two to three weeks before you move on to the next step. You can go back a step or two when you find your cat unwilling to accept training.

  • If you find your cat responding to the training, you can put the waste bin next to the toilet. You can start lifting the waste bin of the cat and placing something that is not slippery, such as some newspapers and cardboard, and the normal rate to increase the height of the litter box should be about 5 centimeters per day, You should be alert to any signs that the cat is not comfortable with this current height, and therefore adjust the frequency of lifting the litter box according to his satisfaction, it is very important to keep the toilet lid open and seat down, so that the cat gets used to it, For access to his litter box.

  • The importance of products in helping you train the cat on the toilet:

  • There are many training materials for the cat that will help you a lot in training the toilet and are available in the market, which consists mainly of a box fits in the toilet, with a hole in the middle, which you can make it gradually bigger, and called these products Quiter.
    When choosing a cat training kit on the toilet, you must ensure that you buy quality before anything, and the cat training staff should not be weak or cheap, so be able to support the cat’s weight when it becomes above him, as you should be aware of and differentiate between the products Cheap and expensive when you buy them from toy shops or pet shops.

  • It is very important not to lose hope during the training to use your cat for the toilet, there are those who do not agree to train the use of the toilet and say it is unusual to take a toilet, it runs counter to their instincts in a shot should cover the smell, The toilet that makes it slippery, this may be a danger for the cat it is possible to fall and get injured, and here going to the toilet becomes an unpleasant task at all.
    Although the waste box has a health benefit, it is easy to monitor your cat’s urine and control any signs of infection or illness. It will be difficult to move the box away from the toilet at first until the cat gets used to using the new toilet, although some cats do not have Problem, you can become comfortable with the new toilet in a very fast way, while other cats may be less adaptable.

  • Things to remember when you train your cat on the toilet:

  • The most important thing when training a cat to use the toilet is to remember that toilet training should be done gradually. Be very patient and do not rush to the next step until you are sure that your cat is perfectly comfortable with the current steps. Always remember that the toilet seat keeps the bathroom door open when you have guests, and you must flush the toilet regularly because most cats do not like using foul-smelling toilets.

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