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5 smartest dogs in the world

Scientists believe that dogs have a certain level of intelligence, half are hereditary and the other half are derived from their environment. Even dogs seem able, like humans, to understand the meaning of words.

For months, researchers from the University of Budapest (Hungary) examined the brains of thirteen dogs belonging to four different breeds, the results of which were published in the journal Nature. The list of the five smartest dogs came as follows:

5- Border Collie:

According to Canadian psychologist Stanley Corren, based on circumstantial intelligence, work intelligence, and instinctive intelligence, the whole B√ľnder Koley will be the smartest dog.

It is a dog performing its tasks at work, which is originally a cattle watch, and only needs to be stimulated, physically and intellectually. Today, it is often at the top of the competition rankings agility.

4- poodle :

This dog is not just a small dog, it is also a particularly intelligent dog, always looking to learn new things. Moreover, we find it regularly as an important figure in the circus.

3- German shepherd:

The French particularly appreciate the German Shepherd Dog. Perhaps for the ease of education, or because of his tendency to desire to please his master.

The German shepherd’s intelligence allows him to be a guard dog or a research dog, but also a simple dog.

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